Note to a snarkey reader

| December 18, 2010 | 0 Comments

by Kim Doyal

Ok, so I NEVER thought I’d have the need to write a post like this- but some people feel the need to say snarkey things or in this case, email with snarkey things. The problem with this particular person – is that they feel they need to take a stand… anonymously! REALLY? (you need to say that the way Seth Meyers & Amy Poehler did on that segment of ‘Weekend Update’ on SNL). C’mon. If you’re going to go to the trouble to email me THREE times, have a backbone. The first email was simply read, amused me and I deleted it. The second email I actually wrote a fabulous reply to this upset reader, hit send, and oops! Imagine that? Email didn’t exist! SO… when I received yet ANOTHER email over the weekend I thought I would write a post in response to their concern (which, when I tell you what this is ALL about- you might be surprised that this person has expended this much energy). The BIG issue which has caused this individual SO much angst? My use of the word ‘WordPress’ on my site. Yep. Seriously. That’s it. Most of the emails have started with such anger “Do you NOT know the meaning of the word copyright?” that I wonder if they’ve had to replace their keyboard from hitting it so hard when they type. My first assumption was that this person is obviously pissed off because they wanted to use the word and chose not too? Maybe they’re just REALLY passionate about copyright? Who knows. Clearly they need a hobby, job, cause or SOMETHING to do with all this energy. Either way- I thought I would let them know here that I actually HAVE addressed this very situation- and WITH WordPress no less! When I started this blog, I had purchased the domain name long before I was really ready to do anything. I simply liked the name. Did I look at the copyright for WordPress? No. Had I seen TONS of sites out there using the name and logo? Yes. Is ignorance bliss? Who knows. Do two wrongs make a right? Of course not. AND…when I started this, did I intend to build a brand? (this was a concern in their latest email… something about “why would I continue building a brand around something I’ll have to change/take down?”… on some level all you can do is feel sorry for people, right?). No. Ok. So back to my contact with WordPress re: the whole copyright thing. I was contacted late last spring by someone at WordPress who was contacting people who were using the name in their url. I was TOLD BY WORDPRESS that I could use the name in my header, I just couldn’t use the name in my URL. I responded right away and told them I also had another domain name (I received an email for that domain as well) and said I would take care of that also. I asked them if I could have a couple months to move the site over and she said no problem. (And yes, I still have the email correspondence with WordPress). Sigh. I just don’t get it. I honestly cannot fathom spending SO much energy on something like this. But, like I said above, at some point all you can do is feel sorry for people. Will I get another email? Your guess is as good as mine. But, much like the last three, it will just be deleted. If they want to leave a snarkey comment in reply to this post? Then yes, it too will be deleted. I’m totally open to differing opinions and intelligent rhetoric. At the end of the day though- this is MY site and if you can’t be open, honest and halfway decent – then you’re going to be deleted.


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