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Well guys don’t you all think that with the country at such an upheaval time with the Sensex zooming to 15-16000 figures and the economy booming, there is not much that we need to worry. I need to request all our thinktank politicians specially from the CPI and CPM etc and a whole lot others( AB Bardhan, Sitaram Yechury, the congress leaders, Sonia Gandhi, Pranab Mukherjee and Manmohan Singh) to move the country in a path which is for the overall good. The statement or opinions of the Ambassador to the US Ronen Sen about the credibility of a nation and headless chickens (unverified still) on the 123 deal, regarding the nuclear deal are something which the Politicians will check and correct if required and they have a right to react but I feel that this country cannot be bound by a few laws made in foreign countries. Remember the reaction of other nations who have been left out of this kind of an arrangement who are equally wanting nuclear energy for their development. They have been asking the US to include them in this list also which has not been agreed. So this must be one good thing for the country and the arguments should be for the benefit of the nation always.

The strength of this country lies in the population which until now was the most negative factor in the growth but somehow the turnaround has come and it’s time that the Indian nation once again becomes the old age adage of Sone ki chidiya.

I’m proud of being an Indian and I feel that the progress that the country is making now is going to put a lot of others to feel jealousy pangs specially in the South East Asia. I’m the most apolitical person and I really feel that our country is going to progress by leaps and bounds. We are establishing a very carved niche in everything abroad with our human resource today which has been our strong point eversince.

So do feel good and feel PROUD as I feel vastly good and proud of being an INDIAN.

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