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There is no doubt about the fact that the show is one of the leading musical show in India these days. Some of the female participants from Bappi Da’s gharana is simply rocking.The female singer Molli from USA has a great combination of looks and beauty and at the same time she is an excellent performer. To her credit is the fact that she has a major fan following because of her western roots and sexy looks. As a matter of fact Bappi da calls her Shakira of SA RE GA MA PA. Surprisingly, the participants are immensely talented with a tremendous performing power. Over all they are a full power house of talent, looks, beautiful voice, modesty and the list is end less. The other girl in Bappi Da’s Gharana is Sumedha, she is again a very good singer combined with good looks.

sare170807-8.JPGShe is from Madhya pradesh and daring to win over the globe. The rest of the participants from the gharana’s of Ismail, Himesh Reshamiya are also full of potential. In true sense, they are the discovery of the musical hunters and are a dear part of musical hunt talent show. Some times they are much better then the original singers and almost as good and mesmerizing performer like our Bollywood Heroes and heroines. Actually, the participants of SA RE GA MA PA are so mind blowing that poor host Aditya Narayan is side lined and is not able to draw too much attention from the audience( may be a handful of female audience) .Over all I think SA RE GA MA PA is one of the genuine, original, entertaining and so far The Best musical show ever made or produced in our country.

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