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Nahar, Brijesh,,Bhabho, Saloni and the rest of the members or the Singh PARIVAR is still disturbed and feeling guilty for Priya.

19077.JPGPriya is considering her a burden in the society (ab mein kisi ko moo dikahane ke layak nahe hoo) and she is having all sort of depressing thoughts in her mind. At the same time Nahar is not able to concentrate in his office and goes to Priya’s husband to thrash him as he is responsible for all what has happened in her life. Nahar thrashes him left right centre and feels little better after giving him a dose.

On the other hand, Saloni goes to Piya’s room in order to give her juice and finds her missing from the room and suddenly there is a panic in the house and almost every body is searching for her. Priya is not found any where. Priya is in some kind of a depressing fit and she was walking towards a river in order to commit suicide and finally, she is rescued by her best friend (mannu bhabhi’s son, I will find out his name and let you know promise). This youngster is in love with Priya and will do any thing to get her happiness back or smile back on her face. (aasmaan se tare thodkar laayega). The entire family is shocked and at the same time glad to see Priya in his arms as she is drenched but alive.


190744.JPGSaloni takes a promise from Priya not to take such an extreme step again as the entire family is emotionally connected to her and she should think about all those (including her dashing rescuer) who care and love her to the extremes. WILL PRIYA CONTINUE TO BE DEPRESSED OR SHE WILL ONCE AGAIN REVERT BACK IN LIFE——–

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