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In the interest of the audience, Saat phere the highest TRP show on Indian Television Today has taken its pace. It was a big relief seeing Brijesh having a hearty talk with Bhabho and understanding Saloni and Nahar’s point of view and at the same time cooperating in their mission. Finally, Brijesh, Nahar, Saloni and Bhabho decides to call Priya for the DNA test as they are all very sure about the real culprit who had raped Priya. In order to call Priya from her in laws house, Brijesh lied to Priya’s in-laws about Bhabho’s health(heart attack). Priya was allowed to visit Bhabho in the hospital. Priya under goes the DNA test, Nahar, Saloni, Brijesh and Bhabho waits outside in the lobby of the hospital for the results of the DNA test. The results are out and Priya is shocked and shattered as it is her husband Abhi who is responsible for all her miseries and pain. In the mean while Kaki sa who is party to Abhi and at the same time she is fooling every one around by pretending to be blind. Kaki sa calls up Abhi (as she could smell something fishy and wrong) to stay alert as he was almost trapped.

Unfortunately, What ever sad and done Priya is suffering and she has suffered earlier at the hands of Sridhar also. It is the duty of Brijesh, Nahar, Saloni, Bhabho and the rest to take care of her and provide her with all emotional support that she deserves in the period of crisis.

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  1. parveen says:

    your a really nice person, you have strugle alot of in your life, i could tell in your samile your some times up set, i will pray for you that you will find a nice man in the furter, who will love you deeply.. good luck, well done..

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