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YES! Saat Phere is once again back in form. Yesterday’s serial was full of suspense, thrill, high voltage family drama and full of excitement. I am sure my dear readers must be inquisitive to up to date themselves with the latest happenings. Here goes the story—- Â Priya was definitely taken back after she was confirmed that the baby she is carrying belonged to Abhi and he is the rapist. Although, There was a lot of relief which could be seen on Saloni’s face as she was very sure of the truth. After Priya the person who got maximum affected was of course Manno Bhabhi as it was very difficult for her to believe about her son’s deeds. Abhi is also a murderer as he had killed Shridhar,( Priya’s X husband.)Â Brijesh was very guilty of not trusting Saloni, Nahar and bhabho.

The story took a turn when Brijesh drags Manno Bhabhi’s husband and he reveals all the truth in front of the entire family. The fact was that Abhi was firstly, not Abhi but some Shekhar and secondly, he was not their son but a hooligan who was picked up by Mano bhabhi’s husband and was handed over to her so that she would stop chasing her husband for the legal rights of her real son. (poor lady had not seen her son for ages and it was difficult for her to recognize him). Manno Bhabhi could not believe her ears as it the truth was too bitter for her to gulp and digest and she almost collapsed.

On the other side, fraud Kaki sa was in secured as so called Abhi could easily pin point her and put her into trouble. She managed very smartly and provoked the crowd to attack on so called Abhi and made him run away from the spot. All the misunderstandings were cleared off between the family members.

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