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The story of Saat Phere has suddenly taken a pace and it’s speeding up as required in the interest of audience. The most sensational, and at the same time quite unfortunate is Priya’s rape while coming back in the late hours from her office (get escorted a friendly advice in the late hours girls and ladies and specially the good looking ones.)

Some how she manages to crawl and reach her so called home after she is being raped, where she is not living but existing with her husband and in laws. When her parent’s in-law sees her condition they have all the sympathy and soft corner for her. Priya’s husband is not all that considerate and blames her further, and accuses her with all sorts of allegations of having a night out with her boyfriend and so on. He is not satisfied after all this and further tells her to get out from his house as she is now a character less women (according to him).

19075.JPGIn the mean while Nahar, Brijesh comes to know about the un fortunate incident and comes running and sobbing to priya’s house and take her along to their palace like house.

The entire singh family is mourning for what has happened with their little sister and considering them selves responsible for all the mis happening.


Priya obviously is in a state of shock and tears are rolling down her cheeks non stop.

There is a state of shock and mourning even at Saloni’s house (EXCEPT KAVERI) since it was very unfortunate what happened with innocent Priya.

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