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Hai guys! The director has made dough out of SAAT PHERE. Initially the story was based on Saloni’s decent behavior and her great attitude towards others. Suddenly, there is a twist in the story line and over night Saloni is a changed person. Saloni is no more willing to sacrifice her wishes for others and wants to live life on her own terms. As a matter of fact, she has got a very good offer of becoming a leading singer in the industry and to get name, fame and money at one go. There is nothing wrong in running after your dreams and giving 100% in order to achieve them. Unfortunately, Saloni is very rude to any one and every one who ever comes in her way. The biggest victim is Nahar as he is absolutely shattered with her indifferent attitude and her decision of not wanting to continue with the pregnancy. There is a lot of suspense about the back ground of her such behavior.

There is definitely some pressure or a force which is making her do all this.

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