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Priya was once again teased in the office and she was very embarrassed about the whole thing and wanted to resign from her job. Samar does not accept her resignation and suggests her to continue as she was no-where to be blamed. Manu Bhabhi’s son apologizes to Priya for his past behavior and request her to continue her job in the same office and at the same time also expresses his feelings for her.

Kaveri was almost caught red handed of her false pregnancy as she was having some relaxed moments in her room without her little pillow which she tucks in her tummy to show her false pregnancy. Manu bhabhi entered her room and Kaveri did not get any reaction time.

Sridhar is still continuing his abusive comments to Priya and always doubting her sincerity and keeps on hurting her sentiments of and on. Saloni is watching him closely and will definitely take some steps against him in the future. She considers herself responsible for all the trouble going on in Priya’s life as she had supported their secret marriage and feels immensely guilty about it.

So she considers that it is her moral duty to take care of Priya.


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  1. amardeep says:

    piya ki shadi abhi se honi chahiye.

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