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Saloni is become quite a pain in the neck for the entire family.The entire family was shocked and embarrassed when she was dancing and boozing in front of all the elders of the family with other men. Kaveri made full use of the existing situation and gave some dialogs in the interest of the audience and her fans. The party gets over when Saloni was drunk and flat and all the guests had to leave as Nahar could not take it any more, and requests them to go back.

It’s very unfortunate that she is pretending to be what she is not in reality. There is some force which is making her do all this nonsense. I think she should not keep on accepting all the unreasonable demands of her opponents (suspense). It’s high time she must share her anxiety with Nahar and the rest quietly. The person who seems to be really offended by Saloni’s behavior is Tara and she is not ready to accept Saloni’s tantrums and requests her in rage of anger to leave them at peace and better behave if she wants to continue to stay in their house. Saloni some where inside is very sad and broken


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  1. qatri says:

    saloni ka safar sat phere is nice story but iwant see the rest episodes ihad seen till 618 but onward episodes are not at the rajeshre website what hapned epidodes are not uploading on web site

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