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Frankly speaking, I never expected Saloni ka safar that is our Saat phere to become so

interesting. It is almost like watching a thriller movie. The story is some what resembling the script of DARR. Finally, Priya is getting married to Abhi and she has shed her past and wants to start life afresh. I must say that the poor girl is really unfortunate that every time she lands up with the wrong person in her life. Abhi is a real devil as, he is the one who has raped her. The purpose behind his action was that he wanted to make Priya so helpless and take her away from her Sridhar. Abhi has confessed every thing in front of Kaki Sa, As kaki sa was caught by Abhi that she is not blind but pretending to do so. Kaki Sa is also not a KACCHI KHILADI as she knew about Abhi’s past and now wants to strike a deal with him.

So, it’s a lot of fun and games going on there.

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