Saat Phere- Saloni ka Safar (Fri, 25th May 07)

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 Ok so the tables are now getting turned onto Chandini and her scruplous famiy and boyfriend with Saloni and the family grouping against them as one and with the help of DhirSa. This is one very smart move and a thing of Akalmandi done by the director that the Jija has been asked to finally play some positive role in the serial and he is doing it in great style.

Chandini cannot keep her beau from getting married to the simple girl in their house and things are getting out of her control now. There seems to be some bigger relation between her father Padam Singh and the young girl and I think it might turn out that they have a more intense relationship after all like a real father and daughter!!! It’s a very common thing to happen in these serials and I feel that Padam Singh might come out with the truth sometime shortly.

Well Chandini’s car has been deliberately banged up with the help of JijaSa and the blame comes on the poor young girl and there takes an exchange of slaps between Chandini, the young thing and Padam Singh.

The entire family watches and enjoys the heated arguments and see their goals coming nearer and nearer.

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