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I don’t have words to express my feeling about this serial any more. It is inconsolable.

Now that all the family members of the Singh clan are forced to stay with Padam Singh and Chandini, they have literally surrendered themselves to the duo and are unwillingly accepting all the tortures from them. At Saloni’s house, Kaveri is further troubling her and almost every now and then there is a major show down.. Saloni is also worried about her in-laws and Nahar and decides to stay with them. Chandini is being further opportunist and keeps her as a maid servant and Saloni will only be allowed if she stays in their out-house. Saloni accepts this offer with a heavy heart as she does not have a choice.


Now the question arises as to why Nahar and Brijesh have surrendered to all the miseries as they are the earning members of the family and in a way they have more responsibility on their shoulders. So my suggestion to them is to RISE AND SHINE and start a new beginning as they are not getting any better deal with Chandini (THE LADY GABBAR SINGH)

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