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First of all, apologies for the small break in updating the story line of the popular INDIAN TV SERIAL SAAT PHERE. I must say the story is some what like a chewing gum. The story keeps on changing and moving in any direction possible.

These days the lime light is on Shubra and her family. Shubra is also on the foot steps of Saloni didi and determined to bring her mom in law and dad in law together after so many years of separation. Shubra is playing the perfect role of a wife, daughter and daughter in law.

Saloni on the other hand also has too much in her hand to manage. Nahar and Saloni are soon going to be a brand new dad and mom (congratulations to the couple). I suppose Saloni has over night become a singer and she is getting a lot of offers. (All the budding singers can take tips from Saloni). American Idol and Indian Idol all included guys.

I suppose there was a tiff between Saloni and her JETHANI(elder sis-in-law) , since she turned all the lucrative offers on behalf of Saloni, as she was concerned about her pregnancy and her health.

Any ways, let us see what happens next…. next……….and in the next episode.

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