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Definitely Saat Phere (story line) is once again back on the track. Now, it’s no more a torture to watch the serial. It’s nice to see Nahar, Saloni, Brijesh and Tara with their smiles back on their faces, their love life seems to be doing fine. Chandini was almost caught by her Dad dating her beloved Dev.Chandini’s lies have created doubts in her father’s mind.


Dev is becoming quite disgusted with Chandini, as she is continuing to hide her relations with Dev, in front of the entire world and Dev has also given her a dead line to reveal all the truth about themselves.


So we can say Chandini is quite disturbed about the way things are going around her, and to further make matters more complicated Nahar is becoming very naughty in his acting skill. He is nonstop being lovie dovie to Chandini and finally, he creates a scene in the house in front of everyone Nahar demand’s love and affection from CHANDINI.

Chandini literally runs away from him to the other room by making some kind of a false excuse. Nahar and Saloni make full use of the situation and spend the cozy night in each other arms. Nahar and his entire Singh family are full of laughter as their plans are meeting their expectation. (PLAY IT SAFE GUYS)

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