SAAT PHERE – SALONI KA SAFAR (Tue, 02nd April 2007)

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Enough of RONA DHONA (sobbing) in this serial and now it’s time to see Saat Phere from the comedian’s angle. Saloni’s parents come to take her along but she refuses to accompany them. (Smart girl, I think she does’t want to take any chances as her husband Nahar has too many choices of wives). Saloni parents leave with a heavy heart.(Chalo bala tali)


Padam Singh being illiterate cannot manage the affairs of office and decides to keep Brijesh and Nahar for office work. Chandini is not convinced about putting them in office, as she is afraid that they might manage to take back their office and win over the other employees. After discussing with her father she decides to appoint a CEO in the office who will also keep a watch on them.

Now the suspense is who will be appointed as CEO.

On the other side, Saloni’s parents have gone to see their new palatial house in which they are likely to shift.(hopefully Kaveri does not create a fuss,  since it is her dream house).

Saloni’s attitude (too goodie goodie) puts her into trouble once again as she request and lectures Mr Padam Singh not to drink liquor inside the house. He is obviously very angry with all the unwanted suggestions and in order to teach her a lesson tells her to make a drink for him. (Dear Saloni, don’t try to poke your nose in all matters after all your status is of a domestic servant). Seeing all this Nahar is hysterical and takes out the sword to kill one character tonight.  Who will be killed???? I will let you know after seeing the next episode. Please friends give me your views and opinions about Saloni—Saat Phere.

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