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Saat Phere is just dragging and taking PHERAS like its name.Â

 It reminds me of some 20th century emotional film. Our dear director seems to have forgotten that the audience is more intelligent and less emotional these days. (There is no clapping and crying on scenes these days).Nahar and Brijesh’s ancestors precious possessions are being auctioned and Saloni rushes to her brothers house for financial support as she wants to bid in the auction.




 Saloni’s brother agrees and comes along with a briefcase full of money, (how filmi) which incidently he was taking for paying the token money of their dream house. As they are approaching to pay the auction amount, Kaveri arrives on the scene and does not allow them to give the money as it was to be used for some other purpose. (Quite logical). If we put the story line aside for a minute, and talk about the clothes and costumes it looks as if some mythological clearance sale is going on.( reminds of all the God and Goddess from Ramayana and Mahabharat serials).

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