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Finally, after some good rounds of exchange of HEAVY WEIGHT dialogues between Saloni and Chandni like:

Chandini—- ab tumare paas aasu ke siva kuch nahi hai.

Saloni——Kaun kehta hai mere paas kuch nahi hai, mere paas mangal sutra, sindoor,XXL size pati,aur bado ka aashirvaad,etc etc ——————————-hai.


Finally the family decides to move to Saloni’s house for shelter. Thankfully they are attended there with respect and dignity. Nahar and Brijesh rush to the legal advisor with some hope but are disappointed as nothing seems to be possible at this stage.

In the mean while Saloni and her mother is busy allotting the rooms to the new members of the family, Kaveri is not so convinced in sharing the room with others.

Kaveri is told to keep her cool in front of the Samdhhi’s by Bua Sa.


Chandni comes to Saloni’s house with some kind of offer for Nahar and his family.



The most shocking piece of information comes when Chandni shows the marriage certificate of Nahar and Chandni. Saloni’s marriage with Nahar will be considered illegal till Chandini is alive or not divorced.

I have all my sympathy with the Singh parivar that is badly SHATTERED .

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  1. Sara says:

    Hi Ever1 Think Saloni iz Really cool i’m not kiddin folks.

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