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BY GOD KI KASAM, in the words of Chamki, Saat Phere is once again back on the track, and it’s quite a treat to watch the serial. The story is very interesting to watch, as Chandini is in a total mess, the poor and pretty lady is cornered by all the sides. Dev no longer seems to be interested in her, since he is lured by the offer gifted to him by Padam Singh. If the guy gets married to Urmila (daughter of Padam Singh and born out of wed-lock), Dev becomes the owner of half the property of Padam Singh


To make the matters the more complicated for Chandini, her relations with her father are also strained and disturbed. This situation is definitely a bumper draw for Nahar, Saloni and their family. Their dream of getting back what they have lost is almost knocking at the door. This is what the viewers have actually been waiting

 for from this serial for some time and it seems to have got its act right now and all good happens to people who follow the righteousness path and don’t harm others. This is one big lesson that this serial teaches us in simple plain language. Don’t you all agree?

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  1. KAMAL JAIN says:

    a good article and i agree with your sentiments

  2. naila khawaja says:

    the storyline is good now, but it would be even better if kaveri had a taste of her own medicine.

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