SAAT PHERE…….Saloni ka safar 28th April

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It’s high time friends, I should be doing some justice to one of the most popular show on Indian Television that’s Saat Phere on Zee TV.


The story of Saat Phere has taken lots of twists, turns and rounds, actually speaking they are taking pheras(revolutions) so far which are for sure more then seven in number.

Now that all the separation is over and the family is united once again and Saloni is back with dear Nahar. Sadly a true entertainer of Saat Phere , Urvashi is out of the scene for a while and their is nothing very juicy and meaty this side.

These days the focus is on Shubra and her in laws, she is quite disturbed with the fact that her husband and mom in law are not ready to accept her father in law back who was staying away from them due to some misunderstandings and they have also told Shubra to keep her self away from him. Saloni has further complicated the matters by poking her nose into Shubra and her in-law’s affair. Saloni gets back proper thrashing from Shubra’s mom-in-law as like a true social worker she went to them , begged and pleaded to patch up with the poor guy and in return Saloni was told strictly to keep her self away from their internal matters and mind her own business. Some people never change and Saloni finally meets Shubra’s father in law and gives him full assurance that she will help him to patch up with his family.

He was quite upset seeing her there and tells Saloni to leave as nothing can change his wife and son’s thinking towards him and finally open up the suspense regarding their indifferent attitude towards him. It is basically a mis-understanding about him as they have a feeling as if he is having an extra marital affair where as, he is just trying to help an old sick friend.(khoda pahad nikli chuiya).

Another angle which will be soon coming up in the story with full throttle and speed in Saat Phere is Tara’s attitude towards her long lost newly acquired child as, she is not only MAHA possessive regarding the little one but at the same time she is also doubting every soul who ever comes across her child. Tara is quite sure about other’s motives and she has an impression that every body is around her child to harm him as they are all jealous of her peace and happiness. This abnormal attitude of Tara will definitely create problems later in the family.

Saloni has already taken one lecture on this issue with Tara and many more to come and I am sure she will not leave any stone unturned to prepare for her rest of her social struggle. Saloni dear keep it up as shortly lot’s of NGO’s will be chasing you as they can see a real social reformer in you after the great Raja Ram Mohan Rai.

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