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| July 10, 2010 | 2 Comments

OK , So this is about the smart and handsome Saif Ali Khan, brother of Soha Ali Khan of Rang De Basanti fame, son of Sharmila Tagore of so many films fame and also the Nawab of Tiger Pataudi. Well so much for his introduction but I think that one intro that is missed out is that he is also the ex-husband of Amrita Singh too.


He is seen in the Santoor ad with a good looking lady who has come out after taking a Santoor bath and he finds her an object of his affection, flirting that he is.

Well the lady turns out to be the mother of a young sweetheart and Saif decides that the young girl deserves an autograph from her mother more than she deserves it from him. I feel that the ad is very nicely made and it makes a person feel on top of the world only by the humbleness of a nice person like Saif. In fact why I liked the ad more was that I have been getting some of the similar praises in the recent parties that I have attended in our social circle and also at home where we had gone on vacation recently.

So now you guys know why the site was not getting updated as regularly. But don’t you guys worry since I’m back now and you would keep on getting the latest from Indian television daily. I would also like to thank you guys for the lovely praises that you keep on sending and the enormous response on my site is all thanks to your appreciation and of course my hard work. A million thanks for the million hits that our site registered in one single month. As a special gesture, I’m placing a pic of mine along with this ad as this is very close to what happened with me in the last few weeks too.


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  1. ronnie says:

    yeah it is a really nice ad…to be precise i went on to actually buy the soap after seeing the ad…crazy!i know!…..but i just love saif..he is such a cutie.the way the kid calls saif as “saif uncle..autograph please?” that was also cute

  2. lk says:

    WOW pretty nice ad

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