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It’s high time, I should take up seriously one of the popular Indian serial on ZEE TV Saat Phere in the favor of my dear readers and I am sure my readers must be wondering about the story line of Saat Phere. The story so far——– So friends, After all the turmoil in Saloni’s life all due to jiji (Tara’s sister) she was kicked out from her homes (in laws and parents). Saloni meets with an serious road accident and she lands up into coma. When she is out from coma, she find her self in the hospital. she goes back into her childhood memories and is like any 8-9 year old child. Fortunately, Nil her childhood friend was also working in the same hospital and gets her home with the intentions of taking her good care. Saloni is also expecting Nahar’s baby.

Sharad Kelkar

Life is not easy for Nil as Saloni is like a pampered child now and a very difficult person to handle. Nil is facing various difficulties but his affection for Saloni is keeping him stand against all the odds. On the other side, Nahar’s and rest of the family members of the family are getting exploited at the hands of JIJI who is also there new kakai sa. They have no clue about Saloni’s being alive. At the moment the serial still has some suspense and excitement in it. Personally, I have all the praises as far as Saloni’s acting skills are concerned especially her acting of a 8-9 year old child is worth appreciating.

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