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It’s high time let me do some justice to the no1 serial on Indian Television.

Other day, I was just having a regular chat session with one of my best pal Shubra, I was quite relieved to know from her that Indian readers are still very much interested to know more about their favorite serials and TV stars. So friends, this is what motivated me to once again up to date on Saat Phere which I was very religiously doing earlier.

The serial is still worth watching after Saloni is back into action, earlier she had gone into her child hood memory due to a car accident. According to our age old formula by our Bollywood films later copied by TV serials the right diagnosis to bring a person back into his/her original memory is just give him a JHATAKA that means similar kind of one more accident which he/she has faced earlier.
This is 100% guarantee I bet (doctors should consider this diagnosis and must try on their patients) At least our Saloni is recovered all because of this age old Bollywood formula and she has bounced back into the serial. So now that she has revealed every thing to hubby Nahar and all the MILAP AND sentimental sessions are over, MORCHA is against Urvashi cum jiji cum Kaki sa, She is the biggest villain and all the characters are busy plotting against the poor soul. She is the only one who has a dressing sense and quite peace full for the audience to watch as she is not loaded with tons of metals around her neck and ears.

Let’s hope they do not achieve their target as it will be a little disappointing for the script writers as they have to hatch some new GHISA PITA storyline once again. That will be quite a torture on the innocent viewers of Saat Phere.

The bottom line is that reel life and real life are both some where similar to each other.

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