Saloni ka Safar—- Saat Phere 20th Jan 2008

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maine pyar kiya tumseThe state of ZEE TV serial Saat Phere is like “a man running but at the same time finding himself at the same place” The story seems to be in a queue. Saloni is staying with Neel in his house. As usual, she is busy creating tantrums and creating troubles for Nirav or Neel. Out of ignorance, Saloni calls up Nishi (Neel’s girl friend) and gives her the details of her staying at Neel’s house.

Since, Neel had kept it secret(regarding Saloni staying with him) and had not informed Nishi. Nishi is shocked about the truth and comes rushing to Neel to clear up the matters. To Nishi’s shock, she sees Saloni there and this makes matter all the more complicated between the two. On the other side Urvashi is dominating all over and Kaka sa has seems to have no brains and dancing to Urvashi’s tunes. Kaka sa’s ex-wife Kaki sa is very sad and miserable to see her ex husband dancing to Urvashi’s tunes. Kaki sa makes some plans along with Kaveri(wrong prerson to trust) to win over Kaka sa heart. Their plan was crushed by Urvashi and Kaki sa gets warning that in case she does not behave she will be thrown out side the house. Vrinda is a sweet girl and she has sympathy for who ever is in pain. Lot’s of suspense coming up soon in Saat Phere. She will be giving motherly love to a motherless child and may be …….. slight sympathy might come towards Kuwar sa. The major attraction in the serial SAAT PHERE is Saloni doing full justice to her character by her excellent performance as acting of a small child. Full marks to Saloni for that.

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  1. there are good serial & i love saloni and nahar

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