Saloni ka safar—- saat phere 20th nov 2007

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saatphere081007.jpgHai friends! In Every channel, every serial it is the same state when it comes to the story line, costumes, dialogs and so on. It’s time for all the Indian audience to say give me a b–r—e—-a—–k. Seriously, all the Directors and producers of all the DESI operas must take up this issue very seriously and give a solid make over to the serials in over all. I don’t understand why Saloni’s character is being experimented as it is the main and leading character of the serial. As a matter of fact, she has been a favorite character(bahu and beti) for all the viewers and sudden change in Saloni’s character has lost all the charm of the serial and also given such a set back to all her elderly fans. As suddenly she is taken to drinking, abusing and misbehaving with every one around. Probably such a sudden change in her character will not sink into the Indian hearts and minds.(such a set back) Any ways, the story line goes some what like this.

Tara, Brijesh, Bhabho, Nahar and the rest of the family members are extremely upset with Saloni’s tantrums and just can’t take it any more. Bhabho has told Saloni finally to leave their house and should not show her face any more to all of them. Nahar was shattered and tears were rolling all over non stop down his cheeks.(poor macho man had to do such a shot all because of Saloni).

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