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sp091007.jpg                                                                                                                                                           WOH AAGAYE! Yes she is back. The bad woman is back with the bang. Any guesses!

The one and only vamp of Saat Phere Urvarshi. Remember Tara’s sister who also gave birth to Brijesh and Tara’s child. Urvashi is the one who black mailed Saloni and forced her to mis behave with her family and finally got her divorced with Nahar. Saloni accepted Urvashi’s wishes as Saloni was suppose to get Tara’s and Brijesh’s child from Urvashi if she obeyed her. Unfortunately, Saloni was ditched by Urvashi and came back empty handed.

When Saloni goes back to her house to share all her secrets with her family members he was thrown out of the house by Tara and her sister in law. Saloni was shattered as her own people has strong disliking for her and are not ready to accept her in their lives. Saloni goes back to Urvashi and requests her to give away the child. Saloni’s effort goes for a waste.

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