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Story Line– In the mean while Kaki sa is all game to re marry Nahar with Vranda. Heart broken Saloni was shattered and choked and had no where to go as she was kicked out from her parents as well from her in laws house. Poor lady was lost in her own thoughts as she was walking down the streets. Saloni collapsed on the road and co coincidently was noticed by Nahar’s sister and she was kind enough to take her to the near by hospital. She was informed by the doctor that Saloni was pregnant and needs care. Saloni pours out all her feelings and secrets which was bothering her all alone.

They decides to go to Nahar and Brijesh and consider it important to tell them every thing about Urvashi and her deadly plans before it becomes to late. Urvashi some how could make out that some planning is going on between the duo and gets them murdered and it looks like an accident to all the outsiders.

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  1. Lakhwinder Randhawa says:

    Hi saloni and nahar. I love you too soooooooo much. You guys are preet damm good on the tv. You are my favorite t.v. stars.
    Keep up the good work.
    Love, Lakh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Nikita says:

    Hi ths is niki frm Karnataka.
    I just love saat phere show, specially Nahar & Saloni. U gays r just roking yr….. V never miss ths show.
    Tara u r just so………………………prety & so………………cute. U r my favorate. Just be happy in your whole life.

  3. Ragini says:

    HI nikita
    nice to know that you like to watch saath phere
    its a very popular serial here with a huge fan following
    keep watching for updates on

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