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The script of Saat Phere is revolving around Abhi and Saloni like India pakistan cricket series. The rest of the characters are at a pause and are not up to any thing sensational.

Priya is very satisfied and enjoying with her current partner. The writer of Saat Phere seems to be targeting Priya and sees to it all the time that she has a difficult husband.God knows what Abhi has in mind and what are his future plans regarding Priya. Fortunately, Nahar is very supportive to Saloni. There are serious differences between Nahar and Brijesh. Nahar and Saloni leaves the house in order to prove their point of view. Kaki ma is the crime partner with Abhi as she too has her motives to achieve.

Poor Saloni is having a tough time in order to find out and reveal the truth. THARI DHAO NE can not stand Saloni any more as, she has no clue about her son’s mission and ideas. Let’s pray and hope for Saloni for all the struggle she is going through and she must achieve her mission

After all the state of INDIAN TELEVISION is like a man who is running and finding himself at the same place.

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