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BREAKING NEWS—- Aditi is dead. The entire Singh family is in a state of shock and they are all in consolable. Unfortunately, They have no clue that it was very much a planned murder by Urvashi. As they could see it was a plain case of accident (break fail). On the other hand, Saloni is admitted in a hospital and she is in a semi coma state and no one in her family knows about her being hospitalized. As they say destiny has it’s role to play Saloni’s old flame her child hood lover cum singer friend is also working in the same hospital where she is admitted. Urvashi was bold enough to visit singh’s house to offer her condolences. She had covered her head with a PALLU. Urvashi’s basic motive was to double sure that Aditi is no more and she has succeeded in her deadly plans. As a matter of fact, Urvashi is also considering Saloni dead as she has no clue about her being in the hospital.


At Saloni’s paternal house Kaveri is always up to some notorious act. As she is very upset about her husband Samarth not giving her any rights of a wife. These days she is planning out something major to get Samarth back as a husband.

So guys! lots is happening on the show of SKS–SP.

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