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The story line of SKS–SP has once again started from the scratch. Since, Nil is back in the serial. Once again their is going to be some romance between Saloni and Nil. Definitely some twist here and there will be their in the story line to make it little interesting. maine pyar kiya tumse

As expected Kaveri has come out with her true colors. She has got her own daughter removed out of her life and managed to put entire blaim on her father in law. This had created a rift between Samarth and her dad as Samarth considers her father responsible for misplacing his adopted daughter. On the other side of the story at Nahar’s house family is shattered after Aditi’s death and going through a gloomy phase of their lives. I can see some potential in the story if it continues with the same pace.

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  1. anjali says:

    very interesting. i think its sad that aditi wuill die with the truth about salonis innocence. anyway. i like nahar. feel very sorry for him these days though. he is like a fallen majnu. bechara

  2. Neetu gill says:

    I love it that was the best ever

  3. yamuna says:

    addithi shouldn’t die in the story….she should have went back and tell her family the truth….she must not stop in the temple…..all that story they can talk at home……

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