Saloni ka safar….saat phere

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Oh dear….oh dear Saloni please for the sake of your little baby who is yet to arrive take care of your self and stop interfering in other’s life and give a break.

These days the latest agenda in Saloni’s life is to give back the lost rights of her step sister and nothing else seems to be important for her. It is all because of Saloni’s efforts that she (urvashi is staying in her maternal house. Saloni’s own mother is suffering seeing her step daughter in front of her eyes day and night and she (Urvashi) also reminds her of betrayal by her husband. Shubra is also suffering at her in-laws place at the hands of Saloni due to her over indulgence in her personal affairs.

maine pyar kiya tumse

The new character in Saat Phere is Kaka sa’s only son. He has taken over the business very enthusiastically and gives a very confusing picture about his personality and intentions. (the confused image given by the serial director could be because later they can turn it any direction according to their convenience and progress of the story line). How flexible is the story?

Saloni and the rest of the family member throws a surprise b’day party for this guy and he is having a romantic time with Saloni’s step sister(Urvashi) and their romantic link is definitely raising eye brows for some, especially for Kaveri and Saloni’s mom and Kaveri adds fuel in the fire as this is quite a meaty topic which can provide her with block buster entertainment.

No matter what ever said and done about the Indian Tv serials they continue to be a juicy source of entertainment for the viewers.

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