Sambhavana Seth “Desi Helen”

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Sambhavna, who became a household name after participating in the second season of reality show Bigg Boss, she is also seen in a mesmerizing show Dancing queen on the color channel. The show aired on Colors pairs 10 dancing divas with a protégé each. It’s being judged by veteran actors Hema Malini and Jeetendra.

For the show, Sambhavna has teamed up with a young girl named Shamaayal, who hails from Benaras in Uttar Pradesh. Sambhavna says more than being worried about competitors, she wants to concentrate on grooming Shamaayal so that they become a stronger team and win the show.

Sambhavna was very blunt and honest during her participation in the econd season of reality show Bigg Boss, but she is at the same time very soft hearted and a kind person as  couldn’t hold back her tears when  


she saw Shweta Menon’s protegee’s performance. Says Sambhavana, “Shweta’s apprentice, Bhoomika suffers from leucoderma, in which a person develops white patches on their skin.(She suffers from leucoderma, but thinks she has the talent to become the next Helen. She has worked as a profession background dancer in many live stage performances and music videos. She started getting leucoderma at an early age because she was given wrong medication for body burn. ) My mom suffered from it too. I was very touched and completely empathise with her. When I saw her, I was reminded of the days when people used to avoid my mom thinking this disease is contagious. Today, when I see Bhoomika perform with such grace and  I have only good things to say about her.”

Some where she resembels in her attitude with Rakhi Sawant a known personality on Indian TV and last season big boss. Sambhavna does not liked to be compared with Rakhi Sawant. Her views about Rakhi” Rakhi is quite senior in our league. I agree she has maintained herself well but age-wise and experience-wise she is older and she should be left at that level. I am only missing her blessings on the show and she should give me just that.’

Sambhavna is not only very energetic in her dance performances but at the same time she is liked the most by her judges. Inspite of not having any professional qualification in dancing she has set the stage on fire in the Bhojpuri films with her item dance numbers.

It seems the lady along with her partner is for sure going to be the winner and at the same time she is giving her competitors sleepless nights.

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