Sharukh Khan beats Hrithik Roshan and Salman Khan.

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Sharukh Khan after all is King Khan, he truly and sincerely deserves this title. He is ruling the Indian film industry from the past 20 years and will continue to do so in the near future. The man is the power house of potential, Talent and has a huge global fan following, on addition to all this his witty nature and sense of humor is an asset to his personality. After showing his magical charisma on the big screen he has shown his magic on television as well.



Sharukh’s Kaun Banega Crorepati was a big hit among the audiences and now his new show “kiya aap paanchvi paas se tej hai?” or “are you smarter then the fifth grader?” is once again a major hit not only in India but world wide.

Interestingly, all the top stars are doing shows on Indian Television these days, and now the very obvious question is who is the biggest star on Television? In a clash between the Bollywood biggies , Hrithik Roshan , Salmaan Khan and Shah Rukh Khan who will come out as a winner?

The answer to this interesting question is also very obvious of course the charismatic Sharukh Khan.

In terms of TRP Hrithik Roshan’s attracted an average television rating of 0.82% for his music -based contest “junoon kuch kar dikhana ka”. Where as Salmaans “dus ka dum” (power of 10) could only garner a TRP of 1.65%. Both the shows were launched on June 6th after much hype and promotion. “kiya aap paanchvi paas se tej hai” which was launched on april 25th got off to a better start and has apeak rating of 3.5% .

“KAHANI ABHI BAKI HAI MERE DOST” or “there is more to the story” this is a popular dialog by King Khan in his film Om SHANTI OM featuring Deepika Padukone with him. Like in reel life of King Khan even in real life too, there is twist in the story of “kiya aap paanchvi paas se tez hai’ is enjoying the global popularity King Khan being a GLOBAL STAR has forced the licence owner of this show to take the show to at least 6 other countries.

Soon ‘kiya aap paanchvi paas se tez hai” will be launched in the United Kingdom on June 13th followed by USA, CANADA, HONG KONG, NEW ZEALAN.WEST ASIA, FIJI. INDONESIA AND AUSTRALIA in the interest of his NRI audiences.

Sharukh this is just the beginning……………………………………………………………………………..

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