Saloni ka safar–24th jan 2008

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The script of Saat phere seems to be like”a man running but still at the same place”In spite of all it’s short coming the serial has it’s own charm. Saloni is staying with Nil in his house. Nil’s girlfriend Nishi is worried about Nil’s indifferent behavior towards her.Urvashi is dominating the scene at Nahar’s and Brijesh house. Kaka sa is dancing to Urvashi’s tunes. Kaki sa is trying her best to get back kaka sa in her life, But she is not able to achieve her motives. At the same time Kaki sa and Kaveri are making some wearied plans to teach Urvashi a lesson. Saloni out of innocence calls up Nishi(Nil’s girlfriend) and give all the details about her staying in Nil’s house. Nishi is hurt and she set course to Nil’s house and there she sees Saloni. This makes matter worse between Nil and Nishi and Nishi leaves the venue with a heavy heart.sp091007.jpg

The major attraction in the serial these days is Saloni’s mind blowing acting of a small child.(her character demand) It’s definitely worth appreciating.

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