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India is the world’s second most populous nation. Over a billion people live within its borders, making it second in size only to China. It is a land where the old and the new, the traditional and the modern,  all exists together. Managing brands and targeting consumers,  is not a child’s play in Indian society seeing the size ans varied culture of the country. Indian Advertising  understands the social and cultural diversity of India. Thus,  advertising is to reflect society, emotions of people especialy in a country like India where people are super sensitive about their personal issues. Fortunately Indian commercials are playing their role in a very dignified manner and are able to reach out to their targets with open arms. Indian commercials are simply fun to watch and I find them very very creative and entertaing to watch.

The Indian TV advertisement market size is estimated to touch 3 billion dollars (12,000 crore rupees) in year 2007. Gone are the days when Indian commercils were lacking behind compared to the western commercial.

Indian ads speaks more then just the product they are the mouth organs of commoners and at times one get the feeling as if the ads are expressing our internal feelings and thought which we wanted to tell the society, relatives and our loved ones. They are so touchy,emotional, intellegent at the same time very witty. Some of the best advertisements in recent years have been from phone companies like Airtel, bsnl and alsosoft drinks company like  Pepsi and Coke. The rivalry between these two soft drink giants in India has bought out the best of creativity in their TV commercials.. Creativity wise, Airtel gets the cake….but I think overall execution wise, relevance etc … havent seen a better ad then “that cadburys ad”.

There hasn’t been a fevicol ad for a very long time, but they still are one of the best ads that i hv seen the fewiquick add in which the fisher man sticks fewiquick on a stick and catches fish is a very creative ad. In the current scenario, The ads by mentos are preety good and a few months back there was an ad by Bank of India featuring a Boy and his Piggy Bank.. beautifully crafted, vch surely touches the emotions of the viewer.. The safari ads… the first one with kim sharma(guessing) hitch hiking… in the middle of a river(cool background score)…“RECLAIM YOUR LIFE” ads… are too good… – ads have added mystical touch to their product… something that stands apart… sets u free… which i believe is quite appealing…

The advertisement of the HDFC Standard life insurance with the tag line of ” Sar utha ke jiyo ” can be considered as one of the best advertisement of indian television. Even Happydent white chewing gums it has an exaggerated creativity and brand image that Happydent white chewing gums has created due to these ads is just amazing ! This one is actually third ad in their series. The earlier two got progressively better (The Photoflash by teeth and the Cow Teeth),It has a comedy angle and something different from the league. Friends if i start discussing about the  Indian ads and my favorite ad i am sure I will be very confused and the  list will be simply endless.  Over all ads are admired because they are the mouth organ of common people, their strength, their fears, future plans and shows the web of daily life, Of course it’s great stress buster to see your favorite icons,movie stars, players speaking and performing on your behalf.

All this together makes them very close to audience heart and some where we will we are all part of them.

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  1. Ziona Etzion says:

    Another interesting informative post.

    “One get the feeling as if the ads are expressing our internal feelings and thought which we wanted to tell the society, relatives and our loved ones. They are so touchy,emotional, intelligent at the same time very witty.”

    If so it has universal appeal.

  2. Ragini says:

    Hi Ziona
    first of all thanks. very true and v all share same opinion.
    Do visit my site regularly im sure u will come across some interesting piece of writing. take care

  3. Thats Really Very Informative & Interesting…

    Its been just five years to jump into Advertising Industry. Watching & Analyzing a lots of advertising stuffs of the industry.

    Lets go into those old moments especially 1980/90. You might have some pictures of Nirma, Shilpa Bindi, Onida, Kayam Churna, Hazmol TV commercials. We still remembered and missing those scenario. It takes a lots of time to have such beautiful moments. Todays environment is changed, Materialism is very dangerous to consumers. Roti, Kapda, Makan OR Mobile and endless possibilities has been created on daily basis. Is it going to be ended OR Not.. I am not sure till the day of basic need. Still Indian advertising industry plays around emotional, humor and funny things with Navras appeal. We are missing a lots of high intelligence concept as far as creativity is concern related to TV media. I am not talking about comparison with global standards at last product should be sold with local consumers.

    Its so clutter and busy environment while watching all those tv commercials with celebrities, models, character,music,lands and so on. The standards of tv channel’s format is changed so shooting format also. Its like difference between paper bag and plastic bag. People still love to touch paper bag while shopping tea. I am not talking about Sensory branding. Someday time will change the tv media where you can smell the taste of Pizza through your TV where you can taste a taste of chocolates with your TV media. Time walk with the change so consumers.

    Indian TV commercials have changed their values after 1990. People’s belief, thinking, smartness and consumption also changed which made them agency to play with other hidden parts of creativity while taking the advantages of materialism. People are happy with Cadbury, ZooZoo, Idea, Surf Excel’s concept presentation.

    Indian TV commercials has to come with a innovative way of presentation where it can be stand across global standards.

    There can be always better tomorrow…
    Because at last, I need to buy a lots of things to survive:).

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