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Television as a media is not only providing entertainment to the masses but also giving ample opportunities to the ambitious lot. Some of the shows like SAREGAMAPA L’il CHAMPS and ANTAKSHARI has filled all the little hearts with new hopes, dreams and aspirations. They boasts of confidence and their eyes reflect big dreams and big hopes. If we see the darker side of it, this kids are at the same time, confused and diverted from their studies. SANGEET STAR PUNJAB CONTESTAt such a tender age they have to face the bitter truths and are disappointed as most of them don’t win the competitions. It’s time and creative instinct which brings them together. It’s time to compete, learn, and of course make new friends. They have lots of responsibilities on their little shoulders prime being to bring name and fame to their families. Parents of such little celebrities must take it easy. After all these little stars are TAARE ZAMEEN PAR.

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