Waking up with someone is fabulous: Neelam Kothari

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It’s just been over a week since society swan and former actress Neelam Kothari and actor Samir Soni tied the proverbial knot and, admits the couple, life hasn’t changed 360 degrees since then. “I feel no different; it’s like I’ve simply shifted residence, but yes, I’m in a happier place for sure,” smiles Neelam.

That was what hubby Samir wanted for her, this being the second time down the aisle for both. “I made sure she didn’t feel any different and it was important that it had to be a smooth transition,” he admits. “We both have our own passions, I want to act — Kothari has her jewellery business and is keen on opening a restaurant someday, so just going step-by-step is best.” They haven’t gone on a honeymoon yet, though there is a hint on where it might be. “We both prefer the hills,” she says.

Just back from Shirdi a few days ago as she had made a mannat to go there after the wedding, they’ve been adding touches to their home, among other things. “I haven’t even seen all the wedding pictures yet or even gotten down to cooking the food Samir loves,” she laughs.

And life as Mr and Mrs Soni is as good as it gets. “It’s a fantastic feeling,” says Samir. “I feel my life starting now. I’ve been single for so long that just to have someone to come home to, is so different. And waking up with someone is fabulous. When you’re in your 40s there is this constant quest — ‘Will I meet someone and will it work?’ To have that answered is great.”

He’s also advising marriage to anyone who is up for it. “I think marriage is what you make it to be. Of course, you can’t just go into it with rose-tinted glasses. There are challenges, but if you work toward it and keep it real, it would work. We both want to keep it as normal as possible. The real deal starts now,” he grins.


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