What is happening to the advertisements?

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In the words of  David Ogilvy’s -  “I don’t regard advertising as entertainment or an art form, but as a medium of information”

A bikini clad woman coming out of water and walkingon the shore…suddenly the reel stops and voice over saying “isme kuch khaas hai, isme jaan hai – JKS Cement. Can I please ask the relation between cement and a semi-bare woman walking on the beach?This is just one example of  DEGRADED  ADVERTISING, there are a lot more playing on TV these days. As a matter of fact most of them are like treasure hunt and are clueless and you end up very confused.


Even in an agarbati  ad we get to see a sexy girl who is hardly wearing clothes and soft drink ads are so seducing like one in which Katrina is there are all so meaning less actually.

I agree that advertising is all about creating a recall in the minds of viewers but does that mean drawing a co-relation between nude woman and cement, or a blind man’s masculinity and his inner wear.  This can again be translated into a question – SO, IS ANY Publicity good PUBLICITY? Certainly not. There is an image that a company has and the job of an ad is to enhance that image not make a mockery of it.

So, when Akshay Kumar acts as a blind man and stops a bank robbery, can someone tell me what is the relation of a bank robbery and Akshays commedy to do with inner wears  or when a horny monky is playing with a brand of undergarments. Such comedies  are  good for  film  scenes, but it does not reveal any thing about a particular product. Are the companies not bothered about the sensibilities of advertisements that go in their name?

All I can say in the end is probably the viewers are so bored with the routine ads that they are ready to accept any thing new and different even if has no sense and give some fun. The mantra of the ad world is more confusing is the ad the better is the standard of the product. I really appreciate some of the ads which make some sense and touches our heart and soul while watching them like VODAFONE, HCL, HP, AIRTEL, HDFC, Coke etc. They are quite convincing.

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