Why do we look upon celebrities?

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Have you ever thought that why we commoners are always obsessed by the celebrities while watching an ad or a product. Unfortunately the answer is a straight yes. Otherwise companies will not spend that much amount on the stars day in and day out. Bollywood and cricket the 2 biggest things and craze in India occupy most of the ad slots. The rest is filled by the models and some theme based ads.


why would a brand spend so much money on celebrities. Most of the ads are featured by the celebrity (bollywood or cricket) ads. Some ads have a very catchy punchlines but the visual representation falls short. Good example is the sprite ad of seedhi baat no bakwas. It is not done in a straight forward manner – the one with Shah Rukh. It is actually working against Sprite as the Knight Riders team is not frightening the opposition but becoming the butt of jokes. I mean to say, is using celebrities is not always beneficial for the product.It is very important to reach out to the audience emotionally.


Watching TV becomes boring these days because of the continuous ads in the TV. It is becoming abundantly clear that we cannot get away from advertisements. The point is why should we get influenced while using a product after watching a celebrities saying 2 good words about that particular product. I always appreciate those ads in which the characters are real people (slim-built women) and not animated. So much of money is payed to them (stars)for coming in the ads.Imagine the 3-4 Crore budget which most of the Bollywood stars and cricketers charge.

What would you like to watch? A celebrity filled advertisement or an advertisement which tries to tell a story?


cutest ad

The best Indian ads I have seen so of late which do not include any celebrities.ZooZoos of Vodafone They are incredible. Airtel ad with the kid and mother where the kid is grounded and makes phone call to his father with a toy phone.
Crabtree– A switch is a switch. Though this ad includes on of the relatively well known face it still is based on a story.
Havells – Wires that don’t catch fire.
Fevicol ad with a toddler and a mother where the toddler is made to sit on a big fevicol bottle to restrain.
Should India Inc move away from celebrities? Do the brands really need celebrities?
I don’t think that the above mentioned ads which has no celebs in them are less effective and less communicative.
It’s high time the companies should start using more creative ways and stop the flow of money to the less deserved celebrities.
What do you say buddy?

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